My Story!

I was Born in poverty and lost as a child to only find myself to succeed to the highest degree in my adolescence years. Then, finding my self falling and failing as a young adult without achieving what I knew I should have already achieved! I hit bottom so hard in my life that I arose as the Fiery Phoenix from the Hell to transcend into the powerful positive person I am today!

I was born on Maui, Hawaii where most of my relatives still reside. My ethnic background comes from many races, mostly Hawaiian, Maori, Chinese, French, Irish, English and Portuguese. My grandmother Bateman (my mother’s mother) has genealogy traced to the Kings and Queens of France.

My first name, Conan is Irish, taken from the Celtic “cuno” meaning “high”, “exalted” or “wisdom”. Fitting name for me since the Irish blood flows on both side of my family.

My last name Kahuhu means the angry or the mad.

My bloodline is directly connected to Kahuna.

Kahuna means caretaker, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, priest, expert of a profession.

History of Kahuna

Kahuna are Hawaiian Shaman known as the spiritual sorcerers, healers and high priest.
The first Christian missionaries arrived in 1820 made kahuna practices illegal. The most powerful person in the nation, Ka‘ahumanu, converted to Christianity 1825 and in 1831 Ka‘ahumanu proclaimed laws against hula, chant, ‘awa (kava), and Hawaiian religion. (Kamakau, Ruling Chiefs, p. 298-301) Kāhuna went underground till King Kamehameha V came to power in 1863. He disdained the law and encouraged the revival of native practices. (Chai) Many kahuna who had been quietly practicing came forward.
Both Kamehameha V and his successor, King Kalakaua, invited kahuna to come to Honolulu to share their wisdom. They compiled oral and written histories and documented the prayers, chants, hulas, and remedies for healings. Kalakaua convened groups of kahuna to consult with each other to preserve their heritage. This and many other moves by Kalakaua outraged the Christian residents. In 1887 they forced the “Bayonet Constitution” upon the King. The Legislature outlawed all kahuna practices, including “praying to cure,” a law in effect for the next thirty-two years.
In 1919 the Legislature passed a law once again licensing kahuna la’au lapa’au to practice, and since then it has been legal to practice herbal medicine. The Legislature repealed the anti-sorcery laws in 1972, since then all forms of practice are legal.

From Hawaii to Washington State!

My family moved to the mainland from Maui, Hawaii to Tacoma, Washington when I was 2 years old. I’m the second oldest and eldest male out of 13 children. Soon after the birth of my younger brother, Sloane, our family moved into my grandmother Bateman’s house in Tacoma, Washington. When I was 7 years old my parents divorced. My mother (whom had custody) always permitted us to live with whomever we desired, so I lived with my father.
I was raised mostly on the east side of Tacoma till I was 13 years old and lived in a small house on Fairbanks Street next to a gulch, near Portland Ave. I grew up poor, hardly having any food in the house. I remember living in the house and being by my self while my father was at work.
Most of the time, I had to wash my body with a bucket of water and a rag because the bath tub didn’t work and was used as a storage. It was such a chore to bath out of a bucket and laborious for me at the time that I only did it a few times a week. It’s probably why I had the occasion outbreaks with lice and scabies. During the outbreak of scabies, my father would take me to his work place which was the Tacoma Police Department’s men’s locker room to shower and make sure I was thoroughly cleaned. My father then applied medication cream on all the affected areas of my body. In High School, I had to wash my clothes by hand most of the time in the bathroom tub and hang them in my bedroom to dry. Washing my clothes by hand and hang drying them was also continued during my two year church mission in Argentina. I am always grateful to use a washing machine. One of humanities best inventions!

My parents both remarried and I started to run away from home between my Father and Mother. I was so confused, feeling both mentally and emotionally lost as a child. I always wished that my parents would come to their senses, fall in love again as before and re marry. It was the only fantasy and wish I can ever remember as a child.

A lot of times I ran away and didn’t even want to live with either parent. Several times, I found my self sleeping on the streets of Tacoma or out in some bushes between the ages of 6 years old to 12 years old for days. I use to carry a 6 inch survival knife and nun chaku on me for protection when I strolled around Tacoma. It could have been my rebellious behavior or my desire to feel loved that I decided to disappear for days. So, ironic as I think now, that every time I came back, my parents never reacted, asked or cared about my disappearance.

As a child, I attended Roosevelt Elementary School. I didn’t do my homework and had no help from my father. I had speech impairment problems that required me to weekly attend speech therapy throughout my Elementary School years. I also remember struggling to read. My reading ability was horrible and usually two to three grades below than my current grade. I use to stay after school and worked wit my teachers. I established a strong relationship wit them so much that they had faith in me that I would excel someday. My failed grades evidently dictated that I should repeat the grade. However, my teachers like Ms. Capers had faith in me and passed me onto the next grade.

All my close friends in Roosevelt Elementary School entered into the gangs while I went to Gault Junior High School, now Gault Middle School on Fairbanks Street in eastside Tacoma. Most of them are now dead, in wheel chairs (paralyzed) or mentally messed up by drugs.

I didn’t attend the first trimester at Gault Junior High School. I just stayed home or loitered around the neighbor wit Kono. One day at a Football Game the Principal had an inspirational conversation wit me. I can’t remember what it was, but it inspired and motivated me to return and attend the second and third trimester, passing the 7th grade.

My Father use to seriously and literally beat the crap out of me till I was 14 years old. He used to pick me up with one hand and slam me against the wall, then throw me across the room smashing my body into the wall. I remember running down our street screaming for help (well knowing that I couldn’t out run my father), then feeling his hand grab the back of my shirt and literally lifting me off the cement side walk in front of our neighbors cement stair to their front porch. I even threatened my father to call the police. Which I did, but having a father who worked as a police officer for the Police Department had little effect. I had little power to convince anybody at the time that my father was physically beating me. He even beat me in public places throwing me down grocery isles till I hit something hard. Better physical abuse, than emotional. Because, I never got affect mentally by the physical abuse, it just made me more mentally stronger to deal with physical pain. That’s probably why I enjoyed wrestling and practicing mixed martial arts, since I can take a hard hit.

As I ponder about my childhood, I am grateful that I never got into self destructive behaviors like drugs, pornography, drinking, smoking, sex, etc. I always rejected those things when I was young. I never remember feeling tempted to do those things, even when peer pressure was present. For some reason I never had the desire. The only desires I could ever remember having is to have my parents back together.

However, one wrong thing I confess and admit that I did was bad, was to steal a few times from my father’s wallet and at the grocery store. I stole at those times because I didn’t have much (material things), nor much activities to do. Theft had the benefits of obtaining things I wish I had and the emotional excitement that peaked from the risk of getting caught in the act. However, it only took one time for me to get caught from my father for me to totally and completely cease my desires in pursuing a career as a professional thief. LoL.

During the summer before my ninth grade year I decided to change my life for the better. It was also the time that my father improved his life. He began to control his anger, attend church every Sunday, take us to service projects every Saturday, schedule family home evening every Monday night and family scripture reading every evening.
Also during that summer, I had two dreams that my father was shot in the line of duty and I had not been able to bring honor and glory to him. Those two dreams motivate me and drove me to become successful as a youth to bring honor and pride to my father.

I wrestled for 4 years, was on the Honor Society, A.S.B. president and Homecoming King at South Kitsap High School. I read, studied and analyzed the Book of Mormon 7 times, the entire Bible, both Old and New Testament 4 times before I graduated High School. I obtained my Eagle Scout, graduated from 4 years of religious seminary, I was a 4 time master scriptorium, dominated and won every year the Gymkana in Bremerton stake (which was a competition compiled of Religion, Physical Ability, Mental Dexterity, and Boy Scout Skills), served an honorable two year mission in Argentina, Resistencia Mision and attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah with a 3.57 GPA.

I wasn’t always successfully consistent in my adolescent years. I did have on major set back. After, my ninth grade year, the summer before my entry to South Kitsap High School, I did fall infatuated with a girl, Ranell Cox. At the time, my father was strict about girls. The following story is an excerpt from a paper I wrote for my English class at Brigham Young University called “A Boy’s Best Buddy”:

“My father’s rules for the family formed when a girl became a boy’s best buddy. Most of his rules I could obey, yet I had problems with a few of them. These few were against girls and felt my father was a tyrant: “No girlfriends, No talking to girls on the phone, No talking about girls in the house,” and so on. It seemed to me as if he never had feelings for a girl during his teenage years. These few rules only applied to girls that felt some type of chemical attraction towards.
One day during the summer after my ninth grade year, I came home from a Cub Scout activity. There I met the most beautiful, breathtaking creature that had ever entered my lonely path. After I opened the door to my house, I ran anxiously to the family phone and dialed frantically. I then spoke into the receiver and asked, “Is Ranell home?” A lovely, beautiful voice replied, “Yes this is she.” We then began to talk. I felt this was okay since it was still summer and I didn’t have any homework or much responsibility. However, this was not okay with my father. A deep, loud voice winded throughout the halls of the house, “Who are you talking to?” I said, “Ranell.” My father responded in a threatening and violent voice, “Get off the phone!” When I refused, he came and jerked the receiver out of the phone. I became furious. I wanted to create a physical pain upon his strong, muscular 220 pound frame. If I did, it would be in vain and I would end up flying like a bullet into the nearest couch. So, I ended the conflict with my father by moving to my mother’s house. My mother encouraged me to see Ranell. This to me was the advantage of having divorced parents. When one parent disagreed with me, the other supported my decision. I wasted so much time with Ranell that my grades in High School began to drop. After a month at my mother’s house I received a call from Ranell. She explained that she didn’t want to see me anymore without any reasons. For days I called Ranell until she finally told me that she had another boyfriend. I felt deeply depressed, but I could do nothing since our relationship had already ended. What hurt the most is that it was difficult to accept till I saw them both holding hands at her school. I couldn’t understand how someone could so quickly and easily move on to someone else.
So I called my father and told him what had happened. He tried to understand me and not be so fanatic about the “no girls” rule. This experience helped me understand his reasons for rules and I didn’t have a rebellious attitude. I had rebelled because I felt he didn’t understand me and I wanted to hurt him by breaking his rules, yet I ended up hurting myself. Not long after this, I moved back in with my father. Next, we had a long discussion and he told me for the first time in his life, “Son, I only want you to have a better life than I did. I want you to be better than I am and not make the same mistakes. I love you, my son.” After this experience, I felt that a boy’s best buddy is his father.”

My father was always pleased and honored by my successes which reflected on him as a father. My father attended almost all my wrestling matches. He was supportive in all of my endeavors except when I decided to run for ASB President for South Kitsap High School.
The idea to campaign for ASB President occurred at the lunch table with my friends at the end of my Junior Year at South Kitsap High School. A student was passing a petition around to sign to campaign for student government. I made the comment, “I always wanted to run for a student government office”. All of my friends voiced that they would definitely vote for me if I campaigned for ASB President and encouraged me to do it! Now, that’s what I call “powerful positive peer pressure!”
I knew that I had to do everything to win the hearts and minds of my fellow students. Jason Smith had almost the same amount of votes compared to all four of us primary candidates in the primary results total. He basically won the primaries by a landslide. That was predictable since he was sophomore and junior class president. So I had my work cut out for me.
As I began to campaign for the finals, I remember my father telling me, “Son, don’t get disappointed if you loose”. That was surprising to hear from him, since he always encouraged me through positive affirmations towards everything I pursued as a goal, especially sports. I was having so much fun with my friends preparing my speech, debate, campaign that I never once thought I was going to loose.
I first called my friend, Joe Gent from Bremerton High School who was also campaigning for ASB President to ask him for some advice. Steve Hoisington assisted me with my speech and Jason from the debate team coached me on how to debate. I will always be grateful for their assistance and time in my campaign for ASB President. I remember debating during the lunches. I surprised myself how effective I was during all three debates. I had only some brief training prior to this debate and debating against opponent who was on the debate team. Well, it was a bit satisfying. I guess all those emotionally intense arguments over life, religion, philosophy, psychology, etc with my father throughout the years finally paid off! First, lunch was more of a tie, second lunch I started to gain momentum and knew the questions. It was a very wise tactic that I implemented to write down notes during and after each debate. By the time third lunch arrived I was fully prepared to dominate! That’s exactly what I did!
The debates were satisfying and in my favor, yet the real power for students to decide was our speech to the Junior and Sophomore Classes. The debates were optional to attend during lunch when students had time, if they were interested in our agenda. However, to attend the speeches were mandatory and were scheduled during morning classes. We spoke to the Junior class first. Speaking in church from a podium in front of a few hundred people at least once a month helped me feel calm on stage in front of hundreds of peers. I also knew my speech so well that I had it almost memorized, so that I could be looking forward and providing eye contact to the students as I spoke with confidence.
The ASB Vice President had me speak first at both events. She didn’t want me to win the election. It was also the reason why she asked me each question first during the debates so that my opponent could always have the last word. As I mentioned prior, it didn’t help my opponent during the third lunch. We both had good and powerful speeches. My opponent was known to be a little humorous. So, he thought he could add a joke to his speech which would add to his demise for winning the election. He said, “We need our student body meeting operated under parliament delegation and by experienced students, not like a cub scout meeting”. Wow! I thought he would have learned from last year ASB President Campaign when the current favor that had years of experience was campaigning against a friend of mine, Chuck from the wrestling team (who had no experience in student government like myself) had lost, because her speech was so focused on criticizing him that he actually won and became ASB President.
Of course, it was the only critical thing he said since I was using my leadership credentials as an Eagle Scout. Noticing the “boos” after such an attack. My opponent quickly wised up and deleted that part of his speech to the sophomore class avoiding the “cub scout joke” completely. They say ignorance is bliss. However, when a person states comment like that. It is not “bliss”. It can negatively affect a person’s mission, vision, and reputation! The Junior Class speech was more critical than the Sophomore Class. Nevertheless, word of mouth spread around about the “cub scout joke” which eventually destroyed my opponent’s credibility. I will always remember the results on that paper. I was nervous, thinking about all the hard work I invested and if the students and my peers trusted me. I knew I was as honest to the core of my soul when I debated and presented my speech. I had a strong feeling that I was going to win the election, but was surprised by how much. The results were in…I won the election with 67% votes. Over 2 times the amount of votes compared to my opponent. I almost forgot to mention another comment I received from a fellow student who was in a psychology class as I was campaigning. She said that her psychology teacher predicted that I would loose by a landside, mostly because I appeared to be extremely passive in my campaign. I was so consumed and focused on winning, I guess I forgot all about the criticism I received on the way to success!