For most people there is a learning curve.
It just takes time, time, time to develop the knowledge and skills to create your own website or websites.
Honestly, its worth the time to invest to create than spending money your entire life having others do it for you.
Well, I guess if your wealthy than that’s great!
However, most of us are working jobs…regular jobs:-]
Most of us are trying to develop a business or some niche in creating more income.

Why not try creating a website and invest time in learning how to?
I’m starting to add my favorite websites to the side that have helped me develop my websites located under “My Connections”

I honestly believe WordPress is the best platform, especially with its new and improved wordpress 2.8!
More and more people are developing free plugins that only require a donation.
I’m honestly donating to those plugins that have spiced up my websites like “”
some of my favorite plugins are “Featured Content Gallery” by iePlexus and “Authors Widget” by Gavriel Fleischer which both are used on “”

I’m going to do my best to provide free information that others would rather sell;-]
I’ll be more than happy to add author who would like to blog on my site with common useful information.

Like most of you hard working people out there…
got to head out to work!

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